Use Existing Thesauri

In the first step we will have to create the concept schemes for our project. Each concept scheme represents a thesaurus. For many domains there are already existing thesauri which can be (re-)used. Thus, before you start to create a new project take some time to search for vocabularies which could be (re-)used. PoolParty offers the possibility to import thesauri or parts of thesauri in many different formats.

We will use a part of a geographic thesaurus with concepts for continents, regions and countries as a starting point for a 'Regions' thesaurus (the file you need for this guide is attached to this page).

  1. In the main menu select Import from the Project menu, expand it and select RDF Project Import.

    The RDF Project or Concept Scheme Import dialogue opens.

  2. Select the file to be imported.

  3. For the purposes of this guide, uncheck the Data Validator checkbox. Click Import to finish the process.

Next, we will add the concept scheme for our 'Places' thesaurus.


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