Export Your Thesaurus

To prevent the loss of data and work it is important to back up projects in PoolParty regularly. During the creation of the project PoolParty also offers a snapshot mechanism, but it is still recommended to export projects from time to time. In parallel you might want to re-use the thesauri of your project in other projects.

  1. Select Export in the Project menu. Expand the menu, select RDF Project Export.

    The RDF Export Project dialogue opens.

  2. To export the whole project, it is recommended that you activate the check box beside Export Project. The other options will then be greyed out.

    • If you want to export only parts of the project, select the data format and the elements you need, for example concepts, workflows or the history.

    • Select the export format (e.g. 'Trig'). Since we have mapped some linked data to our project, we should use the format 'Trix' of 'Trig' for the export.

  3. Click Export.

  4. The browser's default Save As dialogue will open so you can choose the location for the file.


Since we have made an export of our work, we finally might want to delete the project we have created.


The export does not include information on deleted concepts or merged concepts. Those are only included in snapshots of the projects.

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