Add Relations

You can add new relations to a concept scheme or concept per drag and drop or via autocomplete by clicking the Link icon. We will now add some relations to the concept 'Germany' and show both methods:

  1. Click the Link icon in the Narrower Concepts area of the details view. The Add Relation dialogue will open.

  2. Select the concept you want to relate to via autocomplete (e.g. 'Berlin')

  3. Expand the 'Places' thesaurus to show the concepts in the 'Settlements > Towns' branch.

  4. Drag and drop the concepts there (e.g. 'Hamburg') to the Narrower Concepts section of the concept 'Germany'.


Feel free to add more relations to the concept 'Germany'.

The last example also shows, that concepts in a thesaurus can be used not only in one scheme or place in the Hierarchy Tree. The concept 'Hamburg' is now linked to the broader concept 'Towns' in the 'Places' thesaurus and to the broader concept 'Germany' in the 'Regions' thesaurus.

Let's have a look at the different kinds of relationsnow.