Create the Concept Schemes for Your Project

You can have only one thesaurus in a PoolParty project but you can have several concept schemes.

You can create relations between concepts in different concept schemes and you may also use the same concepts in different concept schemes.

For our project we will need two concept schemes - one for regions and one for places. The first one we have already created via import in the step before, so let's create our Places concept scheme:

  1. Right click the project node to open the context menu.

  2. Select Create Concept Scheme to open the New Concept Scheme dialogue.

  3. In the dialogue all fields are prefilled with the values we defined for the project earlier.

  4. Change the title to "Places".

  5. Change the subject to "places".

    All other values are optional.

  6. Click Create Concept Scheme to finish the process.


So now we have got our two concept schemes. To get some more structure we will add top concepts to our places thesaurus.

PoolParty Academy Tutorial

(Duration: 6m17s)