Create a Thesaurus Project

In the New Project dialogue first you have to choose if you want to create a new project from a project you previously exported.


We choose Create New Project.

In the next steps you have to enter all necessary information to create a new PoolParty project. The different settings are grouped in tabs for every step of the project creation process.

In the first tab, the Metadata tab of the dialogue you have to fill in the title and subject of your project. All other entries are optional.

  1. Enter "Geographical Thesaurus <NN>" in the Title field. (This field is mandatory, as shown by the asterisk *.)

    • There may only be one project with the same name so replace <NN> with your initials.

  2. Enter "regions, places" in the Subject field. Feel free to fill in the remaining fields.

  3. Click Next to open the Languages tab.



The highlighting of the fields shows if the entries are valid. If you type an invalid character the field is highlighted in red and a message appears.

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