PoolParty - Quick Start Guide

In this guide you will learn with short, step-by-step instructions how to work with PoolParty.

What to Expect From the PoolParty Quick Start Guide

This is what you will learn using this guide:

  • How to create a new project.

  • How to add concept schemes and concepts to your project.

  • How to create semantic relations between those resources in your project.

  • How to link your thesaurus to data from the Linked Open Data Cloud.

  • How your thesaurus can be published as linked data.


We will build a "Geographical Thesaurus" with information about geographical regions (countries, towns) and places (institutions, settlements, sights).

Working through this guide will take around 60 minutes. Please follow the instructions using your PoolParty instance.

First step: Log in to PoolParty.

PoolParty Academy Tutorial

(Duration: 16m36s)