UnifiedViews API

This section contains a guide on the available UnififedViews REST API calls.

All API functions are reachable with a prefix:



Here host is the hostname where UnifiedViews is installed, master is the name of the webapp in the application server.

The api keyword in the URI is followed by the API version (for future enhancements), for now, only version 1 will be developed.

All functions in this document are to be prefixed by this prefix.

Authentication for UnifiedViews REST API

The web service is protected against unauthorized access by using basic authentication.

UnifiedViews .properties File

The username and password are stored in the UV core (frontend) properties file:

Master Module Configuration - Username and Password

# credentials for Master REST API


A sample cURL request to get all pipelines using default username and password is shown below:

Sample curl Request to Get all Pipelines:

 curl  http://master:commander@localhost:8080/master/api/1/pipelines


Certain calls may require to also specify (either as GET or POST param) asUser, which is by default equal to the user ID.

Some older instances may have user John Admin (as the default user account), in that case asUser is equal to 'http://www.johnadmin.cz'