Upgrade Apache Tomcat for PoolParty 8.0. and 8.1. on Linux

To upgrade the Apache Tomcat contained in your PoolParty installation, follow the steps described below.


These instructions assume you are upgrading a PoolParty default installation for GNU/Linux with PoolParty installed at /opt/poolparty, unless otherwise stated.

Prerequisite: You have downloaded the Apache Tomcat upgrade script for Linux from our download area.

  1. Stop the PoolParty Server in order to upgrade the PoolParty server.

  2. Backup your PoolParty directory.

  3. Run the upgrade script by executing the script that you have downloaded. It is called PoolParty_tomcat_upgrade.run.

  4. Follow the steps from the script.

  5. Restart PoolParty.

  6. Check the Apache Tomcat version in the The Tomcat Web Application Manager.