Upgrade PP 5.7.0 - 5.7.3 (Windows)


If patches or minor releases are delivered in between PoolParty Releases to provide bug-fixes in most cases you will be provided with new webapps to replace your existing one. To deploy new PoolParty webapps, follow the steps described below. Before you upgrade, make sure you have a working backup of your existing installation.


These instructions assume you are deploying PoolParty on a default installation under:

  • /opt/poolparty (GNU/Linux)

  • C:/Programs/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 7.0/ (Windows)

Upgrade Process

STEP 1: Undeploy the PoolParty webapp via the tomcat web application manager

STEP 2: Stop the solr and the PoolParty server

STEP 3: Copy the new webapps to the webapps folder

  • /opt/poolparty/tomcat/webapps (GNU/Linux)

  • C:/Programs/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 7.0/webapps (Windows)

STEP 4: Delete the conceptdata solr core

To delete the core delete the following folder:

  • /opt/poolparty/data/solr/conceptdata

  • C:\Users\Public\PoolParty\data\solr\conceptdata

STEP 5: Start the solr and the PoolParty server

Post-Upgrade Tasks

Recalculate Extraction Models

Changes to the configuration of the PoolParty extraction model have been done. You have to recalculate all extraction models after the upgrade.