Upgrade PoolParty 5.5+5.6 to 5.7 (Linux)


To upgrade your PoolParty installation from version 5.5 or 5.6 to 5.7, follow the steps described below.


Note that with release 5.3 a 64bit build of the Sun/Oracle Java 7 or Java 8 Runtime Environment is required for running a PoolParty server.

These instructions assume you are deploy on a PoolParty default installation under:

  • /opt/poolparty (GNU/Linux)

Upgrade Procedure

STEP 1: Undeploy all webapps that are provided in the upgrade package via the Tomcat Web Application Manager

STEP 2: Stop the PoolParty server

STEP 3: Copy all new webapps provided to the webapps folder

  • /opt/poolparty/tomcat/webapps

STEP 4: Add the the following parameter to the poolparty.properties file

datetimewithzone.format.pattern=dd.MM.yyyy - HH:mm 'UTC'z

The file can be found in the following folder

  • /opt/poolparty/config

STEP 5: Delete the conceptdata solr core

To delete the core delete the following folder:

  • /opt/poolparty/data/solr/conceptdata

STEP 6: Add the attached file to the js folder of the PoolParty Linked Data Frontend

The file has to be added to the following folder

  • /opt/poolparty/data/frontendRoot/default/js

STEP 7: Start the PoolParty server

Post Upgrade Tasks

Run Migration Scripts

After you login into PoolParty for the first time after the upgrade, you have to run the PoolParty migration script:

  • http://<your-serverurl>/PoolParty/!/migrate/upgrade

The script lists all updates that will be done. The migration is triggered clicking the Start Migration button. A progress bar and an info box show the progress and status of the migration. When the process has been finished an overview of the migration steps per project is provided.

Recalculate Extraction Models

Changes to to the configuration of the PoolParty extraction model have been done. You have to recalculate all extraction models after the upgrade.


You need to have the Superadministrator role assigned to be able to run those scripts.