PoolParty Directory Structure Linux


The following list gives a brief overview of the directory structure of a PoolParty server running on GNU/Linux following the default installation in the installation guide for GNU/Linux.


We will only list files and folders relevant for the installation or configuration of PoolParty


The PoolParty control script e.g. for starting and stopping PoolParty.


  • auth.xmlAccess configuration file for the PoolParty APIs.

  • ConfigPathSetup.xml

    Definition of pathnames used for saving data produced by PoolParty (e.g. repositories, files etc.) at runtime.

  • licenses/

    Includes all license files of your PoolParty components.

  • poolparty.conf

    Configuration of tomcat server specific startup parameters for PoolParty.

  • poolparty.properties

    Main configuration file for the PoolParty Semantic Suite.

  • SesameSetup.xml

    Main configuration file for PPT specific settings.


  • backupRoot/

    This directory includes all project exports stored on the server. Exports are stored in one folder per project. The folder name is created from the projects UUID.

  • fileuploadRoot/

    Files uploaded by the PoolParty import/export function. Uploads are stored in one folder per project. The folder name is created from the projects UUID.

  • frontendRoot/

  • resourceRoot/

    This directory holds all additional configuration files and files created by PPT (e.g. namespace.ttl -> Namespaces used in PoolParty at runtime). You can also place templates used for custom reports here.

  • sesameRoot/

    This includes the Sesamegraph database used by PPT and all repositories created by PPT.

  • snapshotRoot/

    The PoolParty snapshot function stores snapshots of all projects as defined in this directory.

  • solr

    Includes all Solr configuration and cores used by the PoolParty Semantic Suite.


  • Includes the built in Apache Solr 5 server.


  • conf/

  • lib/

  • logs/

    Here's where you look for log-files related to the Tomcat and the PoolParty server.

  • webapp/

    • extractor/

      The PoolParty Extractor web application.

    • PoolParty/

      The PoolParty Thesaurus Server web application.

    • ROOT/

      The web application handling the LD Frontend.