Run PoolParty With a Non-privileged User

PoolParty is installed using port 80 by default.

This means root or sudo rights are necessary when PoolParty is installed in a Linux environment. The following instruction shows how to run PoolParty with a non-privileged user.


You may want to run PoolParty without having the port number in the URI as in this example: http://<base-URI>:8081/PoolParty

In that case you have to configure a reverse proxy in front of PoolParty.

STEP 1: Stop the PoolParty Server

STEP 2: Change the Port Used by PoolParty

see: Changing the Port Used by the PoolParty Server

STEP 3: Change the Path to the run and tmp dir of PoolParty

Create the run and tmp dir, using this command:

mkdir /opt/poolparty/{run,tmp}

Make them writable for the poolparty user:

chown poolparty:poolparty /opt/poolparty -R

Add the following lines in the poolparty.conf file:

#Directory to store the PoolParty PID file in
#Directory used for temp. storage purposes

STEP 4: Replace sudo Statements in the Start Scripts

Remove all the 'sudo -u $POOLPARTY_USER' occurences in the poolparty and solr start script.

You will find them in the following folder

  • /opt/poolparty/bin