Changing the Location of Your PoolParty Data Directory (Linux)


This guide assumes that you have a PoolParty default installation following the installation guide for Linux.

STEP 1: Stop the PoolParty Server

On Linux, open a shell and change to root

sudo -i
  • Stop PoolParty

/opt/poolparty/bin/poolparty stop

STEP 2: Copy the PoolParty Folder to the New Location

STEP 3: Change the Location of the Following Files

Find and replace the old path with the new path for your PoolParty installation for the following files:

  • /opt/poolparty/bin/poolparty

    • Depending on your installation, this file may not need to be updated.

  • /opt/poolparty/config/ConfigPathSetup.xml

  • /opt/poolparty/tomcat/conf/server.xml

STEP 4: Start the PoolParty Server

On Linux open a console and change to root:

sudo -i

Start PoolParty:

/opt/poolparty/bin/poolparty start