Reset the PoolParty Superadmin User Password

In case the superadmin password of a PoolParty server is lost a new password can be set the following way.

1. Stop the PoolParty Server

2. Create an init.superadmin File

The file has to be added to the PoolParty configuration directory, in these paths respectively:

  • Linux: /opt/poolparty/config/init.superadmin

  • Windows: C:\Users\Public\PoolParty\config\init.superadmin


Creating such a file means, you can use a text editor of your choice and then you have to save an empty file that is called 'init.superadmin', without any further extension.

3. Start the PoolParty Server

On starting the PoolParty server the init.superadmin file will be deleted and a superadmin user can log in using the default password 'poolparty'.


For security reasons, on first logging in you will have to change that password.