PoolParty - Technical White Paper


PoolParty Semantic Suite (http://www.poolparty.biz/) is a world-class semantic technology suite that offers sharply focused solutions to transform knowledge organization and content business. As a semantic middleware, PoolParty enriches all kinds of information with valuable metadata and links business and content assets automatically.

PoolParty Semantic Suite - Overview


PoolParty Technical Overview

PoolParty technology platform consists of several components and can be configured and extended to meet individual requirements. PoolParty Thesaurus Server supports web-based taxonomy and ontology management. It is completely built on top of W3C’s Semantic Web standards (http://www.w3.org/standards/semanticweb/). In its core, PoolParty uses RDF to represent SKOS and other vocabularies like Dublin Core or FOAF, therefore an RDF triple store is used as its technological basis. Compared to other systems, which still rely on relational databases, PoolParty is ready to consume and to publish Linked Data out-of-the-box. Besides the possibility to publish any PoolParty based thesaurus via a Linked Data front-end, the system offers a SPARQL endpoint (http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-sparql-query/) to execute queries over each thesaurus project. This technology can be used to integrate knowledge graphs with content platforms (Wikis, CMS, etc.) or search engines.

Additionally, PoolParty supports highly scalable and precise entity extraction and other text mining services. Its ability to transform structured and unstructured information into RDF offers new options for data analytics. PoolParty Semantic Integrator, which is the most advanced configuration level of PoolParty Suite, is a solution for data analytics built on top of Linked Data Warehouses with the power of SPARQL engines in its core.

In addition to full support of SPARQL, PoolParty APIs offer ‘traditional means’ to integrate semantics into enterprise information systems and web platforms. Based on JSON REST, developers can make use of all CRUD methods necessary to maintain a taxonomy from within a third-party application like a CMS.

PoolParty integrations have been implemented with content platforms like Drupal, SharePoint, Confluence, Alfresco, or WordPress. As an additional result, guidelines have been developed, which can be reused for other integration projects. PoolParty was also successfully integrated into search engines like Solr, Elasticsearch, Mindbreeze or Intrafind.

The subsequent figure illustrates the most important technical components of PoolParty technology platform:

  • As a basic layer, various data formats and sources can be consumed and transformed, either to generate knowledge graphs from it, or as an incoming information stream to get automatically linked to the knowledge graphs in the RDF store.

  • PoolParty Semantic Middleware, which is deployed in Apache Tomcat, offers various semantic services, GUIs and APIs. Core services are built on top of the Spring Framework (http://spring.io/). Taxonomists and thesaurus managers take care of the knowledge graphs. Information architects make sure that relevant content sources are properly linked to those, which is a precondition to establish applications and services like semantic indexing on top.

  • PoolParty APIs are used by developers to generate smart applications and semantic services like recommender systems, automatic tagging facilities, or semantic search applications. Linked Data Warehouses (Remote RDF Graph Databases) can be attached to the platform to store all resulting RDF graphs to make them available via powerful SPARQL queries and reports.

PoolParty Semantic Suite - Technical Overview

PoolParty Components Overview

The technical architecture above provides an overview of the technical components that provide the basis for the PoolParty Semantic platform. From an application perspective the platform can be divided in different functional components (see diagram below) that are combined to specific product bundles offering various integration options.

PoolParty Semantic Suite - Functional Components

In the following chapters an overview of the different components is provided and integration options are outlined:


PoolParty Product Suite offers a wide variety of options to benefit from semantic technologies. The major topics covered are: Semantic search, taxonomy and ontology management, data integration and linked data. PoolParty uses in its core Semantic Web technologies which are built around open standards and state-of-the art technologies. Professional metadata management is the key for efficient information management in large organisations and on the web. PoolParty combines methodologies from the Semantic Web with text mining algorithms and approaches for collaborative knowledge engineering to make applications smarter and to improve user experience.