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After preparing the DPU (see: Tutorial: Creating new DPU), you can build the DPU by simply running mvn clean install in the root folder of the DPU. From IDE (such as Netbeans), you may simply "clean & build the project". As a result, you should get: 

As you can see, it prepared JAR file in the target folder.

Importing DPU to UnifiedViews user interface

  1. Open UnifiedViews frontend
  2. Go to DPU Templates menu item
  3. Click Create DPU template button 
  4. Click Choose file, select he JAR file you prepared
  5. Click Save. 

If your DPU was successfully uploaded, you should see no error message and your new DPU should appear in the DPU tree

If you encounter some issues, typically, the problem is that certain dependency, which is required by the DPU, is not satisfied, please follow the guide: Dealing with OSGi dependency issues when DPU is imported


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