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Dynamic configuration allows DPU to be configured dynamically over one of its input data unit (configuration input data unit). If the DPU supporting dynamic configuration receives certain configuration over its configuration input data unit, it is used instead of stored configuration for the given DPU. Dynamic configuration is defined in RDF data format.


Dynamic configuration support may be added to the DPU by defining RdfConfiguration extension:

public RdfConfiguration _rdfConfiguration;

and defining one of the input data units to the DPU as configuration data unit:

@DataUnit.AsInput(name = "config", optional = true)
public RDFDataUnit rdfConfiguration;


Sample main class using dynamic configuration:

Further, config class of the DPU has to be annotated, so that it is clear how the RDF classes and properties are mapped to config class and attributes of the config class.For details, please see sample config annotated:

The RDF configuration e-filesDownload supports:


  • Do not use blank nodes in the RDF configuration dynamically configuring target DPU
  • For collections of items use LinkedList

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